Magnolia Trinity PEEK is a medical-grade composite material that combines carbon fiber, hydroxyapatite, and polyether ether ketone for medical device applications.


A first of its kind combination of three clinically proven biomaterials is now available for the manufacture of medical devices such as spinal and cardiovascular implants.

Magnolia Trinity PEEK brings unparalleled versatility, biocompatibility, and durability for medical devices such as orthopedic and cardiovascular implants or surgical instruments, catheter components, and more.


“This novel composite material is opening new possibilities for implantable polymer usage for engineers, designers, and manufacturers. We are thrilled to bring Magnolia Trinity PEEK to our customers and the market to ultimately improve patient outcomes.” 

Bob Fruge
Director of Business Development
Superior Polymers


Multiple studies have proven the positive effects of hydroxyapatite, carbon fiber, and polyether ether ketone. Carbon fiber is renowned for its exceptional mechanical properties, while hydroxyapatite is a natural mineral component of bone, known for its osteoconductive ability. Combining these materials allows for the creation of multi-functional composites that can simultaneously provide structural support, promote bone growth, and resist wear.

Magnolia Trinity PEEK is readily machinable and can be easily customized to suit specific medical device designs. This versatility allows for the creation of intricate and patient-specific implants.

Additional key features and benefits of Magnolia Trinity PEEK include:

  • Fatigue resistance: Carbon fiber reinforcement enhances the fatigue resistance of PEEK.
  • Reduced wear and friction for joint replacement and prosthetics: High wear resistance and low friction properties due to the presence of carbon fiber are advantageous in applications involving articulating or sliding components, such as joint replacements and prosthetic devices.
  • Osteoconductive potential: Hydroxyapatite is a naturally occurring mineral found in bone, and when combined with PEEK, it enhances the material’s osteoconductive properties.
  • Enhanced radiolucency: Carbon fibers enhance the radiolucency compared to pure PEEK, which is relatively radiopaque.
  • Better hemocompatibility: Higher crystallinity of the composite may induce less hemolysis, thrombin generation, and reduce platelet adhesion making it a promising material for cardiovascular applications.

Magnolia Trinity PEEK is available now for orthopedic, sports medicine, spine care, and other medical device applications. To learn more and explore its potential with a materials expert, contact us to schedule a consultation.

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